Greek Yogurt Nutrition Facts – The myths

There are times when you will need to grab go-to breakfast. This is not surprising. This happens to everyone. It may not be hard to do a word association in here as a matter of fact. Whenever the term Greek yogurt is uttered, people would surely say crazy-high protein, or super healthy or anything related to any of the mentioned. There are even those who want to perceive such as superfood. However, the truth is that not every strain seen in the mentioned is that nutritious. Bet this is not found in the Greek Yogurt Nutrition facts you have read lately. This may be fine. What do you need to know though?

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Please do not forget to remember that yogurt is not as regulated as others would like it to appear. It is created with the restraining of yogurt. This is a way for the whey to be removed. This is the liquid remaining right after the milk has been curdled. The end result of this will be a more-solid yogurt. This comes with lesser sugar and even that of carbohydrates. As a matter of fact, it has been claimed that this goes with more protein as compared to that of the so called regular yogurt. Needless to say, there are actually no rules when it comes to the yogurt. This is why there are companies out there that add whatever additional ingredient there is. They do this for the change of the process. This is the main reason why the label Greek is still being utilized right now.

There are Greek yogurts out there that have twice the number of protein which is usually seen around the regular yogurt. This may occur or happen too. However, it may differ based on the brand there is. This may be set apart depending on the process of straining. This is how it has always been.

There is a common notion that Greek yogurt is only created all in the same, monotonous way. This again is not the truth. Greek yogurt gets to achieve its thick consistency because of the process of straining. But then, there are brands out there that skip the method of straining. This is why thickening agents are somehow added. The same is also true with other protein-enhancing ingredients available. This is a way for rich texture to be mimicked. This may also be the case for the content of the protein. There is nothing wrong with this actually. But then, this is not only the reality of Greek yogurt. Just make sure to avoid yogurts which are created or formed with milk protein or cornstarch. They are not healthy at all.

Do not be lured by the claim that Greek yogurt is purely vegetarian. Not every brand is like that. This is always added so that a slippery texture is given to the yogurt. There are times when the yogurt has collagen. This comes from various by-products of animals. This should not be a problem at all.