Blue Ringed Octopus Facts

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In our world , you have seen lots of amazing living creatures and their lifestyle very clearly in various animal channels which is really very useful for all folks who wants to get more information about the new  species and their life style clearly. On the other hand there are lots of unseen livings creatures are still living in both land and underwater world right now. The researchers are still continuing their work to find out the new species that will be clearly shown to all in various platforms. This research group main role is find the new living creatures, endangered animals and save the animals from lost. Similarly now the blue ringed octopus are the one of the least sea creatures in the underwater world right now. There are lots of information are here available about the blue ringed octopus facts, habitat, diet, reproduction and classification.  The size of the blue ringed octopus is very small but it is the deadliest creatures in the world. This does not cause any victim but latterly the person could feel the pain and sometime leads to give fatal also.

Characteristics blue ringed octopus and its habitats

The blue ringed octopuses are highly seen in the rock pools and surroundings of Australia cost. The main features of the blue ringed octopus are taking shelter in old shells as well as rocky holes before and after they get ready for hunting. The shells are the best place to get rid off from the r predators such as sharks, moray, snappers and groper. This creatures are mainly lived in the Indian and pacific oceans which is ranging from Japan to Australia. This ringed octopus will be characterized blue and black rings which will clearly see on the yellowish skin. The blue ringed octopus famous food is small shrimps, crabs and even sometimes attacks the human being also.

Interesting facts about the blue ringed octopus

The blue ringed octopus will look dark brown in colour and ochre bands in the unshaped posture. In this body there are small tiny blue rings will presented in all parts so it will be called as blue ringed octopus? While any one will disturb this blue ringed octopus at any time this will exhibits electric blue colour you have seen easily while taken out from the water.  When this blue ringed octopus will bite if you are handled improperly or provoked will bite. Definitely it is very poison so do not delay while caught bite from the blue ringed octopus within 15 mts or otherwise the person will face paralysis. The major symptoms that is you have notice from the body such as Mouth and tongue get Numbness, blurring vision, difficult to speak, difficulty to swallow etc are these are some major symptoms. The blue ringed octopus is around 50 grams of weight and   5 – 8 inches in length except tentacles. It is not very aggressive sea creatures but it will attack whenever disturb the blue ringed octopus. These are some blue ringed octopus facts if you want more about this creatures click online website.