Ashley Purdy Facts – Who is she?

 In the year 2006, a rock band was formed somewhere in Cincinnati. This is the Black Veil Brides. This American band was originally based in Hollywood. And from there, a single name emerged – Ashley Purdey.

Andrew Dennis Biersack, or popularly known as Ashely Purdey was born on the 28th of January in the year 1984.  As a child he was said to have undergone bullying. He was only 13 when he got inclination to music and so, he finally decided to start a band. His first band was then named Biersack. Up until now, he is still an original member of it.

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Andy was an only child. He attended the Ohio High School of Performing Arts. When he was still young, he got in to the field of modelling. He was only 16 years old when he got his very first ink on the body. Most of his tattoos would feature batman. His home believe in the teachings of the Roman Catholic. When asked, he said that most of his inspirations include Motley Crew and Kiss. Because of his experiences in life, a tenfold of his songs would cover topics about bullying.

Since his parents died when he was still young, his grandparents had to take charge in taking care of him. Ever since, there was a desire for him to move to Los Angeles. He wanted to be a graphic designer that time, or a singer or musician. Up until he was 18, he got to stay in Missouri. After that, he finally found his way to go to LA, as what he had always wanted.

Ashley looked at himself as a cool kid. He even claimed to be growing up as a popular one for the mere reason that he is not like the rest. He compared this to most of the kids being picked on all the time because of their difference. His natural talent lies around being artist. Even if this is the case though, he can be athletic too. He would always pioneer in the introduction of new fashion styles, trends and music to other people. That is how his life was.

When he was asked about him dealing with bullies – he said that it was of a very seldom moment when he was forced to physically fight such people.

His influence will be his uncle who passed away in the year 2001. He considered the relative a best friend. He was close to him because he projected this father figure that was taken away from him at a very young age. He was exposed to the outside world because of him. This is quite ironic because the town he grew up to was small. This was made by his uncle because he wanted him to experience how it was like living on various backgrounds and classes. This was the reason why up until now, he appreciates and understands how fortunate he is in life. He uses this in pursuing his arts. He encourage everyone to take their education!