Adele Without Makeup Looks Really Ordinary, but Who Cares?

We have come to love Adele not because of her beauty of the shape of her body. We love her because of her great songs and songwriting skills. Therefore, seeing Adele without makeup and looking like a totally different person is no big deal. After all, she didn’t bank on her appearance to make a huge name in the business. She is Adele, a woman with a great voice, inspiring story and a huge heart.

Adele looks like your friendly neighbor without any makeup on. She looks totally different, but still nice.

When she is not performing on stage, Adele looks like just any other person. She also does regular things that ordinary people do.

She had her show cancelled once because she was sick. She appeared via phone call without makeup at all to apologize to them.

This casual Adele look was taken when she was still starting in the business. She looks just like your normal British friend.

The way she waves in front of the camera even without makeup on shows that she couldn’t care less with her public appearance.

Her makeup artists really know how to bring out the best in Adele. When properly styled, she looks every inch like a diva.

If you can win a lot of Grammy Awards in one night, who really cares about how you look like?

Let’s stop obsessing about her looks and remember that she is one hell of a talent and there will never be anyone else like her.

People mock her because of her body. Just be thankful she has a flaw. With a powerful voice and a pretty face like her, you will totally hate her if she is perfect in every single way.

Isn’t she just adorable in this photo? She looks like your younger sister who got angry because you stole her food.